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    Hole By Hole Description
    1 Hole, Par 4, 363 Yards
    A straightforward opening hole. Carry the drive 150 yards to overcome a pond on the right. A good tee-off will leave you with a clear and rewarding approach. A good start for a birdie.
    2 Hole, Par 4, 399 Yards
    This hole doglegs slightly to the right. A medium iron is required however beware of overclubbing for it may land into the pond. The green is well guarded by the bunkers.
    3 Hole, Par 5, 634 Yards
    The longest par 5 on the layout. The ideal drive is a straight drive. Big hitters will be able to approach the green well. Two bunkers on the right await stray shots. The green is well guarded by huge bunkers on the right and a pond on the left.
    4 Hole, Par 3, 181 Yards
    A picturesque but difficult hole. Accuracy is required as the target is small. Numerous greenside traps on right and left await wayward shots.
    5 Hole, Par 4, 437 Yards
    The longest par 4 on the layout. The idea is to place the drive well at the landing zone but strong winds in the evening might pull the ball to the right. Long hitters must avoid the pond on the right. The successful driver will leave the player with a medium iron play with a chance for a birdie.
    6 Hole, Par 4, 386 Yards
    A dramatic, intimidating hole that requires precision. The pond on the right awaits the stray shots. Check your wind direction. The fairway is wide but a missed shot to the right will find the ball in the drink. The green has subtle contours that create many breaks.
    7 Hole, Par 3, 148 Yards
    A very short par 3 island hole. Accuracy is the key here and the winds are strong, thus club selection becomes crucial. A huge bunker awaits the golfer on the right.
    8 Hole, Par 4, 370 Yards
    Enjoy the view of the clean blue South China Sea from the tee-box. A straightforward hole but high handicappers may face a slight problem. A slice could get you into trouble, into the sandy beaches. The approach to the green is difficult. A good birdie hole.
    9 Hole, Par 5, 538 Yards
    A picturesque and intimidating tee-box. The drive is to a generous landing, however avoid the bunker on the left. This hole is reachable in two but the second shot must be long and perfect.
    10 Hole, Par 4, 379 Yards
    A straightforward hole. The second shot requires only a short iron and the green is well-guarded. A good hole for a birdie to start with.
    11 Hole, Par 4, 303 Yards
    Although a short hole, it demands precision off the tee and on to the green. A long drive will leave the golfer with a short iron to the green. Beware of the pond in front of the green.
    12 Hole, Par 3, 150 Yards
    Golfers will play to an elevated green with the South China Sea as backdrop. Strong monsoon winds will determine club selection. The green is well guarded with a bunker at the back and a pond on the right.
    13 Hole, Par 5, 482 Yards
    A dogleg left fairway. A slight draw is advised at tee-off and the long hitter especially might succeed getting two-on. For the average player, the second shot must be accurate and well-placed as the green is guarded with bunkers on the right and left.
    14 Hole, Par 3, 150 Yards
    This is the signature hole. The most scenic and picturesque on the layout. Wind, waves, trees and sand blend well together on this hole. Local knowledge of the area will give the player advantage on this hole. Accuracy is the key factor here. The green is guarded by the longest stretch of sand trap (the sandy beach) which turns to water hazard when the tide is in.
    15 Hole, Par 5, 480 Yards
    An intimidating hole which will give high handicappers a hard time because of the very tight fairway flanked by tropical forest. The fairway doglegs to the left so the ideal tee-shot should be a slight draw for the big hitters to succeed in getting two-on.
    16 Hole, Par 4, 339 Yards
    The narrow fairway is flanked by the tropical forest. The position of the drive is important in attaining a clearer view of the green. The fairway doglegs to the right so the ideal position is to be on the right, centre of the fairway. The green is well guarded by bunkers.
    17 Hole, Par 4, 410 Yards
    Spectacular panoramic beachfront view from the tee-box. The fairway appears wide. A long to mid iron approach shot to a well-contoured green with birdie potential.
    18 Hole, Par 4, 371 Yards
    Another scenic beach front view. The drive should be to the middle to avoid the pond on the right. The shot must carry the pond. A potential birdie hole which will produce some exciting finishes.